The medical community and attorneys came together in Iowa for a rare partnership that led to an optimal outcome for patients across the state.

Signed into law by Governor Branstad, the Communication and Optimal Resolution (Candor) legislation was modeled on successful programs in Michigan, Massachusetts, and other states that have chosen this path when results of medical procedures differ from the intended outcome.

The bill passed in Iowa establishes an alternative way to settle adverse medical outcomes that allows patients and physicians to have open and honest discussions – but with an avenue to go through the court system at any time.

These alternatives allow deserving patients to be compensated in a timely manner and give physicians closure on difficult and unexpected cases.

The Candor bill was the culmination of three years of work between the Iowa Medical Society and the Iowa Association of Justice – with success achieved on improving the state’s medical liability reform for the first time since 2006.

To read the Candor bill in full, click here.