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Protect Patients Now

Volume 1, Issue 4 AUGUST Newsletter


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Contact Your Senators Back Home
Momentum Builds for PPN Candidate Pledge Drive
More News from the Continuing Crisis
Protect Patients Now at Center of Online Medical Liability Reform Debate

Contact Your Senators Back Home

Click here to see how you can join the campaign.

With just one week remaining in the congressional recess, now is the time to contact your Senators while they’re back at home and let them know you want them to help stop medical lawsuit abuse.

For contact information for your Senators’ district office in your state, please click here.

Tell them that it’s time to end the filibusters and procedural ploys and give the American people what they deserve – comprehensive reform of our medical liability system that will solve the current health care crisis and ensure access to quality health care for all Americans.


Momentum Builds for PPN Candidate Pledge Drive

In June, Protect Patients Now kicked off its candidate pledge drive, mailing pledge packets to all candidates for the U.S. Senate, both challengers and incumbents, in the 2006 elections.

With the election set to move into full gear this fall, we have made a strong head start with more than 20 Senators and candidates pledging to support federal medical liability reform legislation that includes limits on non-economic damages.

To view the pledge and a list of those candidates and Senators who have committed their support, click here. To see who has not yet signed, and to send the candidates in your state a message urging them to help advance medical liability reform, please click here.

More News from the Continuing Crisis

We at PPN like to keep our network informed on the latest studies and academic analyses of the continuing medical liability crisis, but real world examples offer by far the most compelling evidence – both of the crisis itself and the solution.

News out of Pennsylvania continues to record the state’s downward spiral into medical lawsuit abuse hell. According to Philadelphia physician James Tayoun, Jr., founder of the Politically Active Physicians Association (PAPA), in the last decade more than 2,000 PA doctors have left the state, curtailed their practices or retired early because of unaffordable insurance. Other reports reveal that residents graduating from medical schools are fleeing Pennsylvania. Only 17% remained in PA in 2005, versus 45% in the early 90s. Click here for the full story.

Meanwhile, doctors are flooding back into post-reform Texas, which is seeing major increases in the number of obstetricians, orthopedic surgeons and ER specialists, among others, as insurance rates decline. Click here for more information.

Still, the new head of the trial attorney lobby continues to claim that there’s “no relation” between liability caps and insurance rates. So all those Texas doctors were just on vacation?


Protect Patients Now at Center of Online Medical Liability Reform Debate, continues to establish itself as the go-to website for activists, media and concerned citizens seeking information on the medical liability reform debate and ways to help stop medical lawsuit abuse. Already, more than 500 websites directly link to and refer visitors to us. These sites including high-profile reform advocates, media outlets, think tanks, political blogs, medical associations – and even prominent opponents such as Association of Trial Lawyers of America (ATLA).

Clearly our messages are resonating with the public. Our coordinated outreach campaign of e-mail messaging, direct mail, online advertising, media events, op-eds and earned press coverage has driven visitors to the Protect Patients Now website, and allowed us to proactively frame the debate on the medical liability crisis.

It’s no wonder the ATLA has decided they need to change their name to the “American Justice Association” and spend $42 million dollars on a public relations campaign.


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